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February 19, 2008

Episode 3: Love & Marriage At The End Of The 20th Century.

(click on the title to hear the episode)

Duration: 19 minutes 56 seconds.

This is supposed to have been a Valentine's day special. I'm posting it a few days late.

It's a personal (autobiographical) story and it's quite long, nearly 20 minutes. You don't really have to listen. But if you do, you'll probably be amused.

I think all the links and photos that make this an "enhanced podcast" will only work if the episode is heard in iTunes as it is exported as an MPEG4 audio file. I'm going to risk uploading the rather large MPEG4 file after the road test that was done by Moof. Many thanks to her.

The file plays on Firefox 2 and all the pictures and the links work. If any of you have problems listening to the audio file on any other browser, I would suggest downloading the file or subscribing through iTunes (see the sidebar). It's a large file, about 18 MB, so wait for it to load completely before attempting to download.

This is my first effort in GarageBand and I must say I'm very impressed at the ease with which this was accomplished.

As always, your comments are welcome.